The Real Enemy

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Intolerance is the enemy. The finest of the founding principles of America are based on tolerance. We have a “Bill of Rights” not a “Bill of Exclusions”.

It seems apparent that two of the driving forces behind violent conflict and oppression are the concepts of fundamentalist ideology and intolerance. When belief in a cause, movement, race or religion becomes so strong and focused that a group believes it is the only acceptable existence for all, that group becomes a dangerous entity. Anyone not adhering to the beliefs of such a group is viewed as a threat and they become an enemy, less than human; they become disposable. This is the psychological process that allows us to kill other human beings. Think about the people you marginalize because they are a threat to your way of life. I don’t know that there is or can be an answer to this problem.

On one side, as a benevolent society we don’t want to harm the civilian population of our political or ideological enemies. On the other hand it is from the civilian population that the military, political, and ideological support springs. How can you subdue an enemy if you don’t defeat the ideology that fuels its existence? It is the nature of some men to strike out at those they feel are responsible for their lack of self worth or anyone they perceive as a threat. This is visible in our own society when we see people burst from the confines of acceptable behavior and wipe out former spouses, co-workers or even a stranger in traffic. On an individual basis we view this as an aberration, but the feeling is much more prevalent than one might expect. Imagine if this happens in a group of people; imagine the harm they are able to justify, the ideology in the name of their oppression. We only have to look to Nazi Germany to see this on a national scale.

The fundamentalist Islamic world is intolerant of anything non-Muslim. This is of great concern because they believe that the supreme force of human existence, God, supports their cause. They believe that this divine support makes their cause righteous and it marginalizes all non-Muslims as infidels. While there are many moderate Muslims, it seems they are more than willing to turn a blind eye to atrocities committed by the fundamentalists against Infidels because the infidel is outside the grace of God; they are reprobate. As insane as this might sound we non-Muslims are viewed as a threat to all things sacred to fundamentalist Islam. So they have made us their enemy and we have only two choices, passively submit to their ideology or fight to defend ourselves from their attacks.

If we choose to defend ourselves, we must accept that in a war even the innocent may die and develop a stomach for doing what it takes to win a war. The idea that war can be waged without civilian casualties is a ridiculous notion. In World War II civilian members of my own family were killed in British and American bombings of Germany. The price for your government and or ideology and support of it is that you may be a casualty of a war against that ideology and or government. After all can any government or ideology exist without the support of its populace?

Unfortunately mankind is not ready to “Just get along.” And war is an unfortunate byproduct of ideology. As Sherman said before burning Atlanta, “…War is cruelty…” there is no way to make it pleasant; and the more unpleasant it is, the more likely a speedy resolution is.



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