A brief commentary on the First and Second Amendments

January 23, 2009 at 3:53 pm Leave a comment

It amazes me that there is so much litigation when the liberties and rights are spelled out so clearly in our Constitution. I am aware of people calling themselves atheists screaming about how they want “God” removed from our money etc. because it offends them. I’m sorry, as far as I can tell, no where is it written or implied that we have the right to be free from being offended or to be free from others exercising their religious beliefs. As an atheist I am of the opinion that these people are not atheists (someone who doesn’t believe in the existence of God or gods) but they are Anti-theists, they hate religion and have contempt for those who believe in God.

Under the Bill of Rights we are granted the right to free exercise of religion. More specifically we are granted the right that Congress shall make no law… prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Looking at the first Amendment I wonder how a school allowing a moment or several minutes of reflection violates the principles of the First Amendment. The idea of separation of church and state, again as far as I can grasp, only applies to the making of laws regarding the establishment of, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; so how does a moment of quiet reflection in school, public or not, violate the spirit of the First Amendment?

Also, while we’re at it, the much debated 2nd Amendment states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Notice the words “a free State”? A disarmed people are subject to tyranny and are unprotected. Our forefathers understood this, why can’t the anti gunners? “The people” as intended in the constitution means individuals, not the Government as some would have you believe. Look at the Fourth Amendment which uses the same language “The right of the people to be secure…” the term “the people” means you and me as individuals. Ask yourself this: Is it better to endure the occasional misuse of a firearm by an individual or individuals and to punish those individuals who commit crimes with firearms; or is it better to subject an entire nation to the potential of tyranny and oppression? Since when has prohibition of anything ever stopped those who want to use the prohibited items for illegal purposes from getting those items? If anything it creates a criminal underground market and increases the danger to society. Think about that!
Let’s get back to basics and re-establish this country as a land of liberty!


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